Polyamory is a kind of love that is highly taboo in American society. It can become obsessive, but at the best of times, it can make you feel a kind of high passion that transcends mere sex acts and masturbatory thoughts. It means that you feel an equal or close to equal kind of love for more than one person at a given point in time. I believe it is based on sexual attraction that expands with each touch. It grows deeper with each conversation. It is a shared experience and requires a good deal of intestinal fortitude. Sometimes, it comes over you, and you cannot control your emotions. It is deep love, and because of this, it holds within it a kind of danger, a kind of power that should be respected.

More and more people are enjoying these kinds of relationships in an effort to open consciousness and challenge the status quo. I applaud those brave enough to do it, and truly do not wish to offer up some warning, because I write about sex. I do not treat sex as if one can become addicted. I believe it is natural to find more than one person attractive. It is human. Falling in love does not necessarily confine itself to the dyad. Fidelity seems to me an antiquated convention of Western philosophy and repressive “values.”

While I think on this subject in varying degrees of intensity at different times, I have not chosen to pursue anyone in particular but have become attracted to other people besides my fiancee even recently. It makes me feel beautiful. It gives me confidence. It releases joy that fills my world with laughter and emboldens me with sensuality. Every breath opens my eyes and mind. To deny myself these feelings is impossible. It is like a wave that washes over me, sucks me under and takes me forward and back like the tide. I am within its sway. I surrender to it completely.