I think we need to celebrate our naked bodies. I live in Berkeley, and there actually are more people here who love being and tolerance and coexistence and are not afraid of being naked. If I love myself, then I accept myself the way I am in all my glory. When you reveal yourself plainly and simply, you show the world that you are human. Human flesh and bones and sinew and cock and pussy and tits and assholes are all being. We cannot lie when we are naked. There is no pretense and nothing fake. There is nothing to hide. You see me, and I see you, and you are beautiful. I love to look at your naked body. You can see mine. We are born naked, and when we die, we only have our flesh that becomes one with the earth.

I am in love with someone who is naked at home all the time, and I love it. I love him. We are perfect. We sleep naked, and I would recommend doing it all the time. We look at each other all the time, and it always feels so pure. It’s pure us. We hold each other like this. I will celebrate him and us forever.