Sex is about indulging your passionate and loving side. Sex is healthy for you. It reduces heart attacks, and it makes people feel really good. Sex is fun anywhere. Sex in public is taboo and makes you come real good. Sex and fucking and making love are all things that we do everyday. Somewhere right now, there are people having sex. There is lots of sex going on. There are a lot of women coming right now. So, join in. Find someone, link up, kiss, make out, come, orgasm, and watch pornography. You will feel relaxed and good. You will become happy.

I love my sex life, because I have a lot of anal sex, which to me feels liberating. On the one hand, I give men what they so desperately want: to feel that tight hole around their cock. On the other hand, I choose a kind of birth control with no side effects. It makes people laugh, it’s entertaining, and I feel like the best girl in the world.

I like pegging, although I’ve never done it. I want to strap a dildo on and pump my man’s ass. I want to pump your ass. I want to lube that shit up and fuck your ass so you can feel an elongated orgasm involving prostate stimulation.

I love Tristan Taormino. She is my hero. I love the way she keeps fucking, keeps teaching people about anal sex and lube and how to do it well. She is so fucking hot. I would love to fuck her. Instead I write on her chat space, because I want to let her know that she has made me feel empowered to do this blog, job, and to love sex, women, and men.

Sex feels so good, and pornography makes me happy. I love watching the girls get fucked. I love it in a way that transcends boundaries and embraces love, fucking, and just pure enjoyable sex. I love to have anal, which is what I just had with my fiancee.

I started by sucking his beautiful, thick cock, and then I said, “would you like to fuck my ass?” He said, yes. I said, slap on some lube, and let’s get to it. I love feeling his penis about to come and then coming inside my asshole. It feels like he is pumping that semen into me. I feel funny when I empty myself. It’s so easy, and he is now sleeping soundly.

Making love heals wounds. Making love mends fences. Making love creates harmony and compassion and pure joy. It can be done with a nice glass of wine and a little herb, too. It can be slow and fast.

Sex in public will turn you on, because it’s forbidden. That’s what turns people on.

Making love and not war feels like the right thing to do, and that is why I love all porn stars. Ron Jeremy is a good man who knows how to love. Love will always be better than war and violence and paranoia.

Love and sex get you out of yourself and into a state of mind that is all pure joy and relaxation.

So, love each other more. See how you can change the world through the power of love.