Forced Out Of Web Camming/Political Coercion

I am still a Sex Positive Feminist, but after six years of web camming, I was taken down, sabotaged, or hacked probably by officious Right Wing Christian idiots. I am still just guessing… Continue reading

Back In Los Angeles

Without going into much detail, I moved back to Los Angeles from the Bay Area of California, because I got tired of the same old shit happening when I protested. There is simply… Continue reading

We Are Free To Choose

Day in and day out, I obsess over how to defend porn, online sex, and sex worker rights.  Despite my distaste for all American values, war, and the ignorance I know is not… Continue reading

Oakland And Sex Education

I am originally from Los Angeles, was raised by an Ivy League educated woman who worked on Kennedy’s campaign, and I was taught that thinking critically was paramount. I have been disgusted by… Continue reading

Porn Kills Love Is Bullshit

I was riding along in the bus looking up at a strange sign, and when I read it, I rolled my eyes and laughed a bit. One of the wonderful things I learned… Continue reading

One Night Stands, Toys, And Women’s Pleasure

When I was younger, I had sex with men, and they had orgasms, but I did not. I got a bit older, and when I had spontaneous sex, I got my pussy sucked,… Continue reading

Sex Workers Are Often Without Any Other Employment Option

Sex work is fun, challenging, and tough physical work, but that is not all. There are those of us, who without an ability to excel in any other field, lacking in social skills,… Continue reading

Is Porn Art?

Porn is art. A strict definition of art includes expression through music, dance, painting, or sculpture. Painting, literature, and even comedy are all derived from observations, the objectification of the human form, so… Continue reading

Lurid Burlesque And Politics – The Whore Is Zeitgeist

I have been trying, desperately to come up with something new to say about doing online sex work, and I could not think of a God damned thing.  Quite plainly, I am happy.… Continue reading

Comparing Sex Workers Is Like Comparing Apples And Oranges

I talk to people a lot about what I do, because I believe that speaking openly about being a sex worker is healthy.  Open communication, in general is good for us.  What I… Continue reading